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Warm Welcome to Hotel Gunia


Room prices with breakfast always included:

BerlinSingle + shower + WC between € 40 and 75/night

BerlinBerlinDouble + shower + WC between € 75 and 100/night

BerlinBerlinBerlin  to  

BerlinBerlinBerlinBerlinBerlinBerlinMultiple bed rooms for 3 or more people with shower + WC from € 25/night per person

Payment possible with all known credit and EC cards.

The breakfast is served in a room which also retains the 100 year-old charm with stuccos from the period. This is not the French continental breakfast, you will like it.

You can communicate in the Hotel in English, German, Italian, Persian, Polish and Russian.

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Simone and Horst Armani, owners
Eisenacher Str. 10
10777 Berlin
Tel. -49-(0)30-218-5940
Fax -49-(0)30-218-5944